Life's Abundance Premium Pet Wellness

Premium Ingredients are a Must, but Not Enough
The key to our premium pet foods lies in how we combine high-quality ingredients in exactly the right proportions. As with any recipe, if you use incorrect ratios of even the best ingredients, you will not get a good result. We formulate each of our products to achieve an ideal interaction of our premium ingredients in a way that maximizes the food's nutritional value.


Nutrition is a Better Value

Life's Abundance pet foods provide more meals pound-for-pound than most other premium brands, thereby costing less to feed per day. That's because when a food is wholly nutritious, you need a smaller amount of food per feeding.


Protein - Meal vs. Meat

Ingredients are listed on food labels in order of greatest volume before cooking. The volume of raw meat is greatest before cooking because it is still heavy with water. All of our animal, fish, egg, and flaxseed proteins are in highly concentrated “meal" form with most of the water already removed. That is, there is a greater protein content in one pound of chicken meal versus one pound of whole chicken or chicken parts.


Antioxidants – Guaranteed

A pet's body can create only a certain amount of antioxidants on its own. That's why we cannot over-emphasize the importance of antioxidants. Life's Abundance foods contain an antioxidant system including guaranteed amounts of vitamins C and E. Many of our recipes also include antioxidant-rich fruits like tomatoes, blueberries, cranberries and pomegranate extract.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Probiotics – Guaranteed

Life's Abundance continues to be an industry pioneer by producing kibble with guaranteed amounts of both Omega-3s and viable (live) probiotics. This means that a pet being fed Life's Abundance is assured of receiving these health-promoters with each meal. While these ingredients may appear on other brand's packaging, unless they are guaranteed on the label, these nutrients can get cooked out during the manufacturing process and what's left may even deteriorate while in long-term storage.


Not to be overlooked, Life's Abundance foods also include special prebiotic fiber, ensuring that the friendly probiotic bacteria are maximally effective once inside the digestive tract.


Vegetables & Greens – Nature's Nutrient Bounty

Vegetables and green foods like alfalfa sprouts and dog grass extract naturally contain a stunning array of nutrients, phytochemicals, enzymes and minerals. Much of this can be recreated in a laboratory, but at Life's Abundance we think nature's original version is the best, most robustly nutritious source of these vital compounds.


Whole Grains & High Quality Carbohydrates – No Corn, No Wheat or Their Glutens

As much as we tend to think of cats and dogs exclusively as carnivores, they do require carbohydrates for proper body function and sustained energy. It will come as no surprise that there is tremendous variety in the quality of carbohydrate ingredients used in pet food. At Life's Abundance, each recipe is crafted with carefully selected whole grains, or in the case of our grain-free foods, vegetable and legume-based carbs. Whole grains, like brown rice or oat groats, contain protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron, zinc and other minerals, as do the field peas, sweet potatoes and other carbs used in our grain-free varieties.


Given the risk for toxic mold contamination, we see absolutely no justification for including corn or wheat in pet food and we refuse to use either of these in any of our products.